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Allan and Debbie's PC Knowledge

Welcome to Our Honda Pacific Coast Page

This Web site features my own motorcycles and general tips for care and riding safety that I've gathered from research and from experience. Hopefully this will help out the curious in their quest for their own PC 800. I have collected bits and pieces from other sites in the hopes of putting together a concise one stop shop for the PC. Enjoy!

My Rides

Because motorcycles in general are a stress relief for me, I am always on the lookout for the latest addition, update or new do-dad. Right now I may have found the perfect bike, the Honda PC 800. I currently have a 1994 Honda Pacific Coast aka PC 800; with Clearview +5 windscreen, Honda/Kenwood am/fm stereo, Givi trunk with backrest, Gen-Mar risers, and homemade highway pegs. This bike has 22,000 miles on it so far with many more planned for the future. I have just sold a Yamaha V-Star Classic which was a wonderful way to re-enter the 2-wheeled world after a 15 year absence. Great looking and so easy to ride.

Customizing the Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast has never had a large following, as such there are very few aftermarket accessories. Windscreens, electronics, trunks, and seats are the main focus of accessorizing. Many feel the PC is perfect as it sits, while others add their stamp of individuality as best they can. Due to its rare nature, it's an eventful day when another PC is sited, which makes it custom enough for most. You sure won't see the Pacific Coast swarming the highways, or bar hopping!

Washing and Waxing Tips

The Honda Pacific Coast is probably the easiest motorcycle to keep clean. Hose it down! The bodywork protects the engine and electricals, so minimal risk is taken. For that extra special touch I use Lemon Pledge as a final step! Pledge also acts as a cleaner and gives it a great shine. Rumor has it that pledge is the same as the Honda marketed clean/polish spray.

Pacific Coast Advantages

The PC 800 is a unique bike, made from 1989-1990 and again from 1994-1998. Originally marketed as a "commuter motorcycle", Honda apparently had no idea of what to do with this motorcycle. Price was adjusted, features changed until they just finally gave up. Now considered a "cult" motorcycle with a rabid following of fans. This wonderful motorcycle is still a great commuter, sport-tourer, or touring bike.

Bodywork completely enclosing the mechanicals, an enclosed trunk, hydraulic valve adjusters (no adjusting), and a liquid cooled 800cc V-Twin. Great protection from the elements if needed, basically no maintenance other than oil and fluid changes, and a breeze to keep clean!

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