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PC 800 Accessories, manufactured and home made!

Here are a few of the most popular accessories and add-ons for the PC.


  Clearview Windshields. Available at Sport Touring Acc. or from Clearview

For 14 Years Clearview Shields has helped motorcycle riders worldwide achieve an enhanced level of performance through the customization of their motorcycle windshield. Touring, Sport Touring, Dual Purpose, and even Cruiser motorcycle windshield replacements are among the many styles that we can accommodate. New model motorcycles as well as older model motorcycles have benefitted from Clearview Shields quality products.


Clearview Windscreen

  Givi Trunks come in many sizes and colors.

  Givi USA
Best website to see all of Givi's options and colors.

or order from http://azmotorsports.com/


  Home made highway pegs. Thanks to technoweazel for the information

This peg placement puts uses the slanting portion of the side guards rather than the straight part. I used this design for my PC and it works great. It prevents having to cut up the plastic and also puts the pegs a little further forward than other designs. For full information and instructions with pictures got to: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/ipcrc/files/Highway%20Pegs/

Highway Pegs