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Favorite Links:

Here are some of the better known  and popular Pacific Coast links as well as others that sell parts and accessories for the Pacific Coast


Great Sites for the PC 800

PC 800 tools and knowledge

A huge list of tips, esoteric knowledge, and general info on the PC 800.

New Enough

Not exactly PC, but some outstanding bargains on gear.

Pacific Coast Owners Club U.K.

Good site but may be closing soon :-(


Buy & sell anything! Frequently has PC's and parts for sale.

Internet Pacific Coast Riders Club

Yahoo group with over 1,400 members. Forum, tips, tricks, photos, etc. The Godfather of PC sites!

PC 800 Service Manual

Complete service manual as presented by Honda

Dox T-Shirt Factory

PC (and other) Shirts/Sweats

Sport Touring Accessories

Great folks, good service. Located at Deal's Gap.

Service Honda, Hammond, In.

Service Honda has an on-line parts pricing program.

Honda of Milpitas

One of the nations best "PC800-Friendly" dealerships, widely cited on this list for good prices and solid service

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